Jim Ostrowski is a Libertarian attorney from Buffalo, NY. He is diligently fighting two critical court battles against New York State’s unconstitutional gun control regime in 2019. These include Libertarian Party of Erie County v. Cuomo and The People of the State of New York v. Benjamin Wassell.

The former seeks to nullify New York State’s pistol permit requirement and was argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals on Feb. 20th, 2019, just one step away from U.S. Supreme Court review. The latter seeks to reverse a 2013 SAFE Act conviction and overturn the SAFE Act in total based on a range of constitutional violations, and was argued in New York State Supreme Court on Feb. 28th, 2019. Here is a good summary of the oral arguments of both cases to review in order to place this podcast into proper context. 


In this episode of the 2AWNY Podcast, 2AWNY Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano covers the following with Jim Ostrowski:

  • Arguments made in and lessons learned from oral arguments delivered by Jim against the unconstitutional NY gun control regime in U.S. Appeals Court and NYS Supreme Court.
  • Potential outcomes of active cases against NY gun control, and possible next steps once decisions are issued.
  • Why the intermediate scrutiny legal standard, upon which NY gun control is built and erroneously found to be constitutional, is a common thread between Jim’s cases.
  • Why intermediate scrutiny is important to the effort to roll back NY gun control, given that the issue is likely to be addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court upon review of NYSRPA v. NYC in 2019 – 2020.
  • Development of a crown-funded e-book called “The Second Amendment Works!” that will refine Second Amendment arguments and tactics to more effectively safeguard and expand this critical civil right moving forward.
  • Upcoming 2AWNY.COM events and public discussions. 

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