Jim Ostrowski is a Libertarian attorney from Buffalo, NY. On 4/26/19, he secured a reversal of the first ever SAFE Act conviction in New York State Supreme Court, dealing a crushing blow to Albany’s unconstitutional gun control regime. Jim is also leading the charge to overturn New York State’s unconstitutional pistol permitting regime, delivering oral argument in Libertarian Party of Erie County v. Cuomo before the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit on 2/20/19. This case is pending a decision, and is one step away from U.S. Supreme Court review.


In this episode of the 2AWNY Podcast, 2AWNY Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano covers the following with Jim Ostrowski:

  • Overturn of the first ever SAFE Act conviction in New York State Supreme Court, via NYS v. Benjamin Wassell.
  • How the first ever SAFE Act conviction reversal was decided, and why it is a win for both Defendant-Appellant Ben Wassell, and all Second Amendment civil rights supporters.
  • Why positioning the core purpose of the Second Amendment as an effective check against government tyranny is a winning argument in court and other venues.
  • How ongoing civil unrest in Venezuela demonstrates that a disarmed populace is exceptionally vulnerable to government tyranny, supporting the argument Jim Ostrowski made before the NYS Supreme Court.
  • Why the progressive predilection to frame the pro-gun control argument in terms of body count actually supports the pro-Second Amendment government tyranny position – over a 100-year period, government tyranny has resulted in 1,391 percent more deaths than contemporary American ‘gun violence.’
  • Why supposed pro-Second Amendment and anti-sanctuary city/state proposals advanced by WNY-based legislators trade long-term Second Amendment protections for short-term political gain.
  • Progress on a crowd-funded e-book called “The Second Amendment Works!” that will refine Second Amendment arguments and tactics to more effectively safeguard and expand this critical civil right moving forward.

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