Please register for any of the following 2A events using the form below. Please note the event(s) you are committing to attend in the ‘Comment or Message’ section of the form. A full list of upcoming 2A events is provided below for your reference. We look forward to working with you to fight Cuomo’s unconstitutional NY gun control regime.


2AWNY will present critical updates on the fight to defend and expand your 2A civil rights to interested groups across WNY and beyond. Our appearances will focus on:

  • Core elements necessary to preserve, defend, and expand 2A civil rights and the gun culture in NY.
  • Status of 2AWNY court cases, outcomes, and next steps, following Feb. 2019 oral arguments.
  • How pending U.S. Supreme Court review of NYC gun transport restrictions opens the door for pistol permit and SAFE Act overturn.
  • Other related topics. Learn more HERE.


  • Who: 2AWNY Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano and Libertarian Attorney Jim Ostrowski
  • When: 4.9.19 @ 7:00 PM
  • Where: Wilson Conservation Club – 2934 Wilson Cambria Road, Wilson, NY 14172


2AWNY is a force multiplier for the numerous Second Amendment civil rights advocacy enterprises forming the backbone of Western New York’s vibrant gun culture. We act as a 2A news and information distribution, policy analysis, and organizational driver for the many interest groups seeking to defend and expand Second Amendment civil rights throughout the region. 2AWNY is dedicated to assisting in the organization, promotion, and funding of legal challenges to the unconstitutional New York State gun control regime. We seek to make Western New York the epicenter of New York State’s Second Amendment civil rights renaissance.

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