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2AWNY.COM Completes Successful Multi-County Advocacy Tour

Civil Rights Group Spreads Pro-2A Message from WNY to NYC’s Doorstep. Plans to Make Major Announcement within One Week. January 22, 2020 – Buffalo, N.Y. – 2AWNY.COM, New York State’s premier civilian rearmament enterprise promoting Second Amendment civil rights expansion through non-compliance, non-enforcement, and repeal initiatives, concluded a successful tour across five counties last week. […]

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Civil Rights Group Calls for Second Amendment Jury Nullification

2AWNY.COM calls on Central New Yorkers to obstruct unconstitutional state gun control enforcement using jury nullification January 14, 2020 – SYRACUSE, N.Y. – After close to a decade of rule under the Cuomo regime, New York has seen the proposal and passage of unconstitutional gun control edicts explode. The primary tools used by the state […]

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