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Attorney James Ostrowski to Hold First Preliminary Conference in Landmark Case Against Red Flag-Style Gun Confiscation

As NYS progressives and compliant republicans pine for Red Flag Law implementation, this Allegany County, NY case clearly exposes the abuses of power allowed by state gun confiscation WHO: Attorney James Ostrowski (only attorney in NYS to overturn a SAFE Act conviction) 2AWNY.COM Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano WHAT: 2AWNY.COM will hold a press conference […]

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Lessons from Venezuela

By James Ostrowski Can recent events in Venezuela shed any light on the gun control debate in the United States? That is exactly what I told the New York Appellate Division court on February 28th: “The problem with intermediate scrutiny is, you have this fundamental right declared by Heller, but nowhere in the intermediate scrutiny test […]

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Progressive Hate Mail: How to Respond

The pro-2A civil rights perspective is supported by data and reason that progressive gun-grabbers simply lack. Let’s start making arguments that reflect this fact. Following a Feb. 25, 2019 appearance by 2A Civil Rights Advocate Steve Felano on WGRZ TV in Buffalo, N.Y., we at 2AWNY.COM received our first piece of progressive hate mail. It […]

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